Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reinventing My Gutt, My Butt and My Thighs

Of course in order to reinvent myself I have to fight gravity and lose some freakin weight. I've been doing Yoga, lifting weights, dancing, biking a little. I'm acually trying not to over do it because I usually try to fix a years worth of sitting on my butt all in one day and then I can't walk upright for a week and never exercise again. So I 'm starting off with 30 minutes of straight out of bed exercising everyday in my livingroom and anything else I do is gravy.

 I also invented the "No Crap" diet. It basically goes like this. I look at my options and say to my self you can't eat that Crap. Just say No to Crap ! Junk Food, processed, premaid Crap . We all know what Crap is !

I've decided not to weigh myself for the first two weeks because that is usually the first step in talking myself out of all this self abuse. If that scale doesn't give me results in the first few days I  beat the Crap out of it and use it for an excuss to quit. So no over doing it, No weighing in and No Crap! I'll let you know on Oct. 1st how it's going.

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