Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reinventing My Life !

In the last 52 Years I have reinvented my life several times . This is not about being an Empty Nester, Going thru Medipause, Being 50 Plus or Being Quote Un Quote Retired. It's about Finding a Reason to get out of bed in the morning ! What is My Passion ? Is there anything to get excited about ? What Now ? How do I fill the emptyness ? Is Lonely a disease ? Is it cureable ? Can we help each other or do we have to go it alone ?

Four Years ago , after I lost my Oldest Brother and my Mother and My Dog. I quit my miserable Job and never went back to work. As much fun as that was ! I miss my Co-Workers/Friends, My Paycheck , My Independance and My Identity , I kid you not !

I packed up my Desk and Immediatly took up having a good time like it was my new career ! I Taught myself how to Ski and went to every gathering of people known to man. If you invited me I showed up ! Did not miss a dance within 50 miles of my house and threw more parties than a Frat House . Summer came and I took up Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Hanging out at the Beach with my Grandchildren and Kayaking. I kept this pace up for 2 years without a pause for the cause .It was amazing for a while and I still enjoy all these things but I find myself alone 80 % of the time and lacking purpose ! There is a true emptyness to all this alone time. I have a husband and I have friends and a great family but they are all busy with their own lifes and Jobs that take up most of their time.

So here I am trying to figure it out one day at time feeling the need to reinvent myself one more time. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with and look forward to any help or coment you can offer.


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